{Dead Drift: \’ded\ \’drift\ - A perfect float in which the fly is traveling at the same pace as the current, used in both dry fly and nymph fishing...}


Late fall fishing brings flurries of snow, frost, ice edged rivers, and the last remnants of colors. We love this time of year! http://www.deaddriftfly.com/
The fall is a special time in the mountains. From the fishing to the colors and textures. There are moments of magic every you look. This short is a glimpse of this amazing time of year. http://www.deaddriftfly.com/
As the summer nights grow shorter and the first hints of fall fill the air - we begin to look back on our past summer and where it all began. The Drake hatch marks the beginning of summer for us, and along with it we find very fishable flows, hot temperatures, long days, and most importantly - fish feeding with reckless abandon. Filmed By: Andrew O'Neill, Anthony Natale, Sean Massoud Edited By: Andrew O'Neill Narrated By: Andrew O'Neill Music: sketch (s.o.s) by Jahzzar Legendary (Instrumental) by Welslhy Arms www.deaddriftfly.com
As sure as the snow falls in the Rockies every winter, it melts every spring. Runoff can certainly impact our ability to fish, and sometimes closing your eyes and waiting until it's over seems like the best option. However, instead of resorting to non-fishing activities, we decided to set out and explore some runoff fishing options - and this season had a little bit of everything: deep canyons, salmonflies, meadow streams, alpine creeks, wind, cutties, browns, dry flies, and big streamers.

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"The West Is Calling" is a new mini web series from Dead Drift Fly Fishing Co. highlighting fly fishing as a vehicle to explore the unending landscape of the American West. Join along as anglers seek out a variety of species, dive into a spectrum of different types of water, and explore the diversity of truly wild fishing opportunities available out west - first episode comes July 1st!


Dead Drift represents an unique way of life only found through fly fishing, and life in the west. Our one of a kind tees and products show the world our sport through thoughtful and creative designs. From summit to stream we live our passion. 


From Summit to Stream We live our Passion