Dead Drift Fly was a product of our passion for fly fishing and the great outdoors. Growing up in Wyoming, we would spend our summers on the river. Needless to say, this pastime has continued to be a large part of our lives. Dead Drift Fly was created with the intent to design a fly fishing apparel company which would represent fly fishing in the West as we see it. We are both very passionate about our brand and strive to provide a product that speaks to fly fishing and its community. Our approach to design is inspired by the areas where fly fishing is not just another sport; it’s a lifestyle. At Dead Drift Fly, we take pride in the Western States and hope to represent them as they deserve.

“The West is Calling”  



{CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and Founder}

Grant is responsible for a variety of activities at Dead Drift HQ including production/shipping, social media, marketing, and finances. Grant is a graduate of the University of Wyoming with his degree in Business Administration. Grant has grown up in the West and is extremely passionate about fly fishing and the outdoor lifestyle. This attitude is translated to the product that Dead Drift creates and embodies in their day to day business activities. Once his older brother Drew moved back out to Wyoming the concept of Dead Drift Fly was created and they both haven’t looked back since!



{Intern for Public Relations}

As the newest member to our team we can already tell Hatchet will be a huge asset. Some of his duties he will be spreading the Dead Drift lifestyle as a brand ambassador at events and assisting in material durability testing. We hope to see him grow into an invaluable part of our team.


{CDO (Chief Design Officer) and Founder}

As CDO Drew is responsible for the visual language of the Brand. His work ranges from the designs/illustrations you see on the products, the website graphics, and Dead Drift's photography. Born and raised in the West, Drew graduated from Montana State University with his degree in Architecture. His career as a graphic design slowly took him out East, and finally working for Under Armour. He then seized the opportunity to get back to the West, and create a business with his younger brother. His passion has always been the mountains, and the amazing lifestyle it provides.



{Director of Public Relations and Material Testing}

As Director of Public relations and Material testing Dutch is the face of Dead Drift. He epitomizes the culture and attitude of our brand. He meets every customer with a wagging tail, and infectious enthusiasm. When not mingling with customers Dutch is hard at work testing the durability of materials. His focus tends to be in natural materials such as arboreal fragments and dried hides. In his free time Dutch is a huge aviation enthusiast. He particularly loves disc aerodynamics. You can find him studying disc flight patterns almost every night. He's also carries his entrepreneurial spirit into a small excavation, and night security business in the evenings. Really a jack of all trades.

Dead Drift is a wholly owned and operated company of Doorn Design LLC. Principals Grant Doorn, Andrew Doorn, Lisa Doorn, David Doorn